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A teacher has 30 seconds one on one time with your child each day!

Enrich was started by Sarah de Raat. Sarah started her career as a NZ primary teacher nearly 20 years ago. After one particularly frustrating day,Sarah calculated that she had 30 seconds individual attention for each child each day.She quickly became frustrated by children who weren't progressing in writing and reading despite doing 'all the right things'! As an avid reader/writer she realised that literacy had the power to enrich peoples lives in an intellectual,emotional and spiritual way.

If you can read, you can learn anything!

Thus the hunt for answers began. As the years went by, having three children and entering the homeschooling community widened the opportunities for learning. Sarah began respond to requests from people around her ,with children who didn't fit the packaged answers on offer.Learning disabilities, whether mild or serious, have a profound effect on both the academic life and relationships of all around the student.

Literacy is the difference between poverty and freedom.

On becoming a single Mum with three hungry children to feed, the time to Enrich others lives had been reached.Since then children and adults, state and homeschooled,students and teachers have been helped with reading, writing, spelling, essays and study skills via tv appearances, magazine articles, seminars and one on one tuition.So with nearly 20 years experience in state and private education sectors, with formal and life experience ,the Enrich Tutoring Ltd team is here to offer you one-on-one help that will transform your child's education and your family life.

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Looking for Math help? We Recommend:

EXPERT MATHS TUITION LTD, based in Auckland, with branches in Titirangi, Remuera, Mt Albert and Blockhouse Bay are specialist tutors with over 13 years experience teaching people of all ages. Our philosophy, Enthusiasm + Understanding = Enjoyment & Success. We have a history of 100% of our students making progress, and in fact offer a 100% money back guarantee of progress in the first session.
We also offer a mobile tuition service for those unable to make our classes.
PH: 820 3637